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The Scot was unhappy with the penalty decisions in their semi-final loss to Tanjong Pagar

Reid blames referee for loss against Tanjong Pagar

The Scot was unhappy with the penalty decisions in their semi-final loss to Tanjong Pagar

Muhammad Farhan

The Global FC coach was extremely disappointed with the penalty decisions that caused the Philippines side to be knocked out of the Singapore Cup

A narrow 2-1 defeat against Tanjong Pagar United on Friday evening knocked Global FC out of the Singapore Cup 4-3 on aggregate.

Monsef Zerka proved to be the match-winner as he scored a hat-trick; a header, a penalty and even an own goal to settle the tie.

It was a result that was very hard to swallow for Global coach Brian Reid as he felt that his side should have gotten a penalty in the first half, and that the Jaguars’ penalty should not have been called.

“The tackle on Rufino Sanchez in the first half was a stonewall penalty,” he said.

“[The defender] doesn’t take the ball but takes the player's legs. But the referee wasn’t interested.  

“And then the penalty kick for the second goal that killed the game should have been a booking for simulation because there was no contact, but the referee was quick to give a penalty."

Reid was extremely critical of the referee’s performance.

“We’re in a foreign country with local referees and they seem to go against us, and that’s not great,” he explained.

“As a football coach you want fairness sometimes, and I feel we were hard done by some of the big decisions which were crucial in the game.”

Jaguars coach Patrick Vallee, on the other hand, was critical of Reid’s attitude during the game.

“You know when you lose, you always have excuses,” the Frenchman said.

“When one of our players was down injured he shouted to the referee not to throw the ball. I’m sorry, you must fight, but you must also practice fair play.

“He can say what he wants, I don’t care about this coach. He doesn’t respect football so I don’t respect him.”

Refereeing decisions aside, Reid’s disappointment also stemmed from the fact that he believed the better team lost.

“Overall, we were the far better team,” he claimed.

“They were a bit more direct with bigger and more physical players, and if anyone was trying to play football, it was us.

“We were a little bit careless in front of goal. Our final ball was lacking a little bit, but the possession game and build up play was good.

“But we’re out and they’re through, so there’s nothing else we can do about it now. We’re obviously very disappointed because out of the two legs, we were the better team.

“Sometimes football can be a cruel game, and it was certainly cruel tonight.”

Despite the result, the Scotsman was thankful for the hospitality received from Singapore and was pleased with the experience gained.

“I’ve to give great credit to Singapore for hosting us and we’re delighted to be here,” Reid said.

“We’ve been really looked after, and it’s been a great experience for the club and hopefully one that we can learn from.

“It’s good for the country also to have that bit of competitive edge rather than just the Singapore teams competing. I wish Tanjong [Pagar] the best of luck in the final.”

As for Vallee, he was proud of the club for reaching their first ever final.

“It’s not finished yet,” he responded when asked how he felt after the victory.

“We won nothing. We’ve only reach the final. But for that I am very proud to be the coach to bring the team to the first final since 1999.”

The Jaguars have a packed schedule before the final next month, and the Frenchman is aware of the challenge to keep his players focused.

“Its not easy,” Vallee admitted.

“Maybe some of the young players might be introduced to help the team. It’s what we need. But we need to manage.

“It’s like that for us but it’s like that for Home and Balestier too. It’s not easy to play the last games for the S.League in such a short time before the final.

“But my team wants to play this final, and we’ll manage. I want to win everything and it’s my job as a coach to manage that and to approach the final in the best possible way.”