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The severe warning from the world governing body came days after a player based in Indonesia who was owed four months wages passed away, unable to afford treatment

By Kenneth Ho

Indonesia’s football federations have been warned that penalties will be served by world football governing body Fifa if they fail to resolve the country’s football state of affair by Monday.

Indonesia has been afflicted with an in-house dispute between the Indonesian Soccer Association [PSSI] and the seceded Indonesian Soccer Rescue Committee [KPSI] over who should be recognised as the sports main body in Indonesia.

However, both sides who have their own individual leagues, have agreed in principle after signing a memorandum of understanding in June to run one league next season and hold a meeting by December 10 to discuss about going forward together.

In a letter to Indonesia Sports Minister Andi Mallarangeng, Fifa secretary-general Jerome Valcke issued a stiff warning stating the Southeast-Asian country will face likely sanctions if they failed to sort out their differences by the self-stipulated deadline.

"In case of failure, the case would be brought before the FIFA Executive Committee on December 14, 2012, in order to determine the sanctions, which could go as far as an indefinite suspension," said Valcke, according to a Jakarta Post report.

"Unfortunately yet again, it seems that the set objectives will not be reached and we, therefore, anticipate that the PSSI will be sanctioned.

"With the deadline approaching and in the current situation, we deem it important that the Indonesian authorities be made aware of the likely sanctions to be imposed on Indonesia.

"We are fully aware that Indonesia is passionate about football and that sanctions will have a major impact. We have tried tirelessly to solve the problems, but we are afraid that there will be no choice unless the objectives of FIFA and the AFC are met or that significant progress has been made."

Fifa’s firm warning came days after the death of Paraguayan striker Diego Mendieta from a viral infection. Mendieta, who played for Indonesian club Persis Solo, was owed four months’ salaries, and had been unable to return home or seek treatment.

Mendieta’s passing then elicited a strong statement from world players' union FIFPro, demanding for Fifa to step in and help alleviate the situation.

Likely sanctions are, indefinite suspensions for the Indonesian national team, which will mean they will be unable to participate in the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers which will commence in February.