'I'm sorry for our fans that gave us support in Thailand' - Myanmar team manager Tin Myint Aung

Tin Myint Aung reflects on Myanmar's performance in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012, and believes there is much room for improvement after his side crashed out in the group stages

Myanmar failed to advance to the semi-final stage of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 after going down  2-0 in their final Group A match against Philippines.

Philip Younghusband struck the back of the net two minutes after the restart and Angel Guirado Aldeguer hit the nail into the coffin in the fourth minute of injury time.

Team manager Tin Myint Aung accepted the loss, though he was not impressed with their poor finishing.

"We couldn't use the two chances that we had, I think that's why we lost," he bemoaned.

"[What we can learn from the tournament] from all three previous matches [is that], we still need to add physical abilities and football skills.

“Our players are tired, our league had just finished before coming here. The tournament is something new that we experienced. We need to further our development, maybe we need some friendly matches to grow."

Myint Aung graciously offered his apology to the loyal and faithful fans who fervently supported the team throughout the tournament, saying: "The players love their country, they want to win. But if you lose, it's normal in football. I'm sorry for our fans that gave us support in Thailand."