Matchday 2 Supporters' View AFF Suzuki Cup 2012

Matchday 2 Supporters' View


Overall, our performance was way better than the first game. Our defence was relatively solid, but what was surprising was how dominant our midfield was even before Singapore down to ten men. Taufiq was one of the best players on the pitch as he bossed the center of the pitch.

Nil Maizar got it right when he decided to put Andik on the bench for the first half and subbed him in as an impact player. He created havoc in Singapore's half and now has caused 2 red cards in two games.

One area badly in need of improvement is finishing. We failed to convert our dominance into goals and had Duric's header gone in, it would have been costly.

On the terrace, it was a great night for us travelling fans. A goosebump moment when Nil Maizar ran to the fans after the match. He deserved it.



Our revival is half-way there. One win is already in the bag and this should put a smile on every Malaysian’s face. Fans must unite and fill up the stadium in the final match to spur our team to win the last game and top the group. Singapore’s defeat to the Garuda has made the qualification still up for grabs pretty much for every participating team.

Generally it was a much-improved performance from the team. First off, what a terrific showing from our tireless winger, Kunalan! He showed a very committed performance, with and without the ball. He was full of stamina and contributed a lot with his attacking and defending. Meanwhile, high-quality free kicks summed up a wonderful performance from Safiq Rahim, the heart of our attack. Then on the right flank, Wan-Zack and Mahali Jasuli troubled the Laotians’ defence a lot. Safee Sali has finally scored too! Well done to the team!

Generally our defence was steady and hardly tested by the Laotians. However, I feel that our lack of sharpness in finishing is holding us up. We can’t afford to squander chance after chance when the best thing to do is to kill off the game as quickly as possible. The good news however is that Safee Sali’s understudy, Mohd Khyril Muhymeen, showed us a glimpse of what he can do. I think Datuk K. Rajagopal should introduce him earlier so that he can have more playing time, only if Safee Sali shows a below-par showing in the next match.

All in all, Datuk K. Rajagopal should maintain this winning formula for the last group match to march to the next round. Malaysia boleh!



A draw would definitely have be a better and decent result for the Singaporeans to digest. We thought that Singapore could again display their magnificent performance against the Tigers, but the disappointing 1-0 loss to Indonesia will serve as a horse cane to whack and spur the Lions ahead of the must-win game against Laos on Saturday.

I would say that the Merah Putih deserved the win today after their second half performance - even though many might criticise the referee for his poor decisions. They were quick on counter attack, pressured 10-man Singapore and dominated the run of play.

The Lions did not perform up to expectation of the fans; many simply lost their form and composure, and even the experienced Baihakki Khaizan went into the referee's book. Some decisions were harsh from the ref, whereas the one which denied Khairul Amri from winning a penalty was totally outrageous.

It was a real hard one for Singapore: missing Shaiful Esah for the deliveries, having Irwan Shah sent off, and a yellow card shower for the others, plus several injuries. The defence was good, but they just kept losing the ball and no one really wanted to make runs. I don't think it was over-complacency, but rather the lack of creativity and easily-surrendered turnovers as well as some poor refereeing decisions that have crashed Lions hard.

Despite this, many Singapore fans are still very pleased with the team's performance and believe that they should work even harder against the Laotians. Izwan Mahbud just has to really communicate well with his defenders while the quiet Shahdan Sulaiman has to show his play-making skills and cook up chances for Shahril and Amri.

Singapore needs to focus and put behind their first two results behind them. Every game is a new game, and what matters at the end of the day is not the 3 points or the secured qualification, but the spirit that unites all Singaporeans  and makes us and the players feel proud. They will roar louder and expect an entertaining match between Singapore and Laos - both lost on Tuesday and will surely want to do even better. Room for improvement is wide open, and the crosses and finishing can be bettered.

The standard of ASEAN football has increased; we will not face the Laos had we thrashed 11-0 at the National Stadium, just as we lost to the Philippines and Indonesia after so many years. Believe and you can do it!



I'm very disappointed with the performance of Vietnam so far. Despite scoring in the first game, they showed a lacklustre display and let Myanmar equalize. The result put a lot of pressure on the team, who needed to beat Philippines in the following game to maintain the hope of advancing to semi-finals. Nevertheless, they showed no improvement in the Philippines match and suffered a deserved loss. Vietnam's attack was too complicated and ineffective. They have disappointed us all.

In the coming game with Thailand, what we expect is a much better display from the team. In order to achieve a good result, Vietnam need more attacking options. Le Cong Vinh, Nguyen Trong Hoang and Pham Thanh Luong, who have been in poor form so far, need to improve quickly. Our defenders need to give more effort as their weakness was exploited in those two past games.

I think Phan Thanh Hung was mistaken when he kept using the same players game after game. He should introduce some new faces into the line-ups. It would hurt if Vietnam exit group stage without a single win.



Well, to be honest, the result on Tuesday real surprise. Myanmar is getting better and better lately, and nobody expected Thailand to beat them in that fashion. Credit goes to everyone, including the defensive line who tamed the Myanmar attack and midfielders who played fluidly and created multiple chances. Last but not least is Teerasil Dangda,  a very skilful and talented who's always lacked confidence until this tournament. Finally he's got enough experience to perform at this level.

The next match will be a very close one. Vietnam squad is as good as Thailand. Our accuracy in the box will determine our fate, and make no mistake Thailand must aim to win this. If you play for a draw, you can expect a poor ending. See you at the N Zone!

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