Team Profile: Laos

Team Profile: Laos




For AFFSC 2012, Laos will field a 4-4-2 as they used in the qualifying round. The duo of Visay Phaphouvanin and Khampeng Sayavutthi will most likely be the first choice in the team's attacking area. Kanlaya Sysomvang will act as the midfield general to set up the Laotian attack.

GK 1 Sengphachan Bounthisanh 25
GK 20 Soukthavy Soundala 17
DF 5 Khamphoumy Hanvilay 21
DF 3 Kovanh Namthavixay 25
DF 2 Saynakhonevieng Phommapanya 24
DF 13 Khamla Pinkeo 21
DF 4 Ketsada Souksavanh 19
DF 6 Thothilath Sibounhuang 22
MF 7 Vilayout Sayyabounsou 18
MF 15 Khonesavanh Sihavong 18
MF 17 Daoneua Siviengxay 20
MF 16 Keoviengphet Liththideth 19
MF 8 Viengsavanh Sayyaboun 23
MF 14 Kanlaya Sysomvang 22
MF 12 Phatthana Syvilay 22
MF 10 Soukaphone Vongchiengkham 20
MF 19 Phonepaseuth Sysoutham 22
FW 11 Visay Phaphouvanin 27
FW 18 Khampheng Sayavutthi 26
FW 9 Sopha Saysana 19
COACH   Kokichi Kimura 51


Kanlaya Sysomvang Visay Phaphouvanin Sengphachan Bounthisanh
The playmaker of Laos. Thim Xad will be relying on his skill to set up team's attack. The most experienced player in team, he will be the main target to break the opponents' defence. The main shot-stopper of Laos, with solid abilities that allow him to defend his space between the posts.


Kokichi Kimura
Kokichi Kimura, former Yokohama F. Marinos player and manager. He took over the Laos national team's head coaching duties in July 2012, replacing Austrian tactician Hans-Peter Schaller. His philosophy of coaching is like others Japanese coaches, relying on both great teamwork and a high team spirit.


Year Group Rank Tournament Rank
1996 4 Group Stage
1998 4 Group Stage
2000 5 Group Stage
2002 4 Group Stage
2004 4 Group Stage
2007 4 Group Stage
2008 4 Group Stage
2010 4 Group Stage


Date Venue Match Event Score
28/10/2012 Ho Chi Minh City vs Turkmenistan Friendly L 2-4
26/10/2012 Ho Chi Minh City vs Vietnam Friendly L 0-4
13/10/2012 Yangoon vs Myanmar AFFQ D 0-0
11/10/2012 Yangoon vs Brunei AFFQ W 3-1
09/10/2012 Yangoon vs Timor Leste AFFQ L 1-3
07/10/2012 Yangoon vs Cambodia AFFQ W 1-0
28/07/2011 Vientiane vs China Friendly L 1-6
23/07/2011 Kunming vs China Friendly L 2-7
03/07/2011 Vientiane vs Cambodia Friendly W 2-1
29/06/2011 Phnom Penh vs Cambodia Friendly W 4-2