AFF Championship Facts and Statistics

ASEAN Championship
Hall of fame

Thailand (1996, 2000, 2002) , Singapore (1998, 2004, 2007)
1 Malaysia (2010),
Vietnam (2008)

All-time top scorer in AFF Cup
17 Goals
Noh Alam shah (SG) : In 2007 alone he bagged 10 goals in the final round. But the highlight would be his 7 goals in a single match against Laos in the qualification rounds, with the match ending 11-0 in favour of the Lions
All-time Singapore top scorer
52 Goals
Fandi Ahmad (1979-1997): The former Singapore captain's nearly two-decade long career saw him grab over half a century of goals from 101 caps, an astonishing average of a goal every other match

Total goals scored in the Final round of ASEAN Championship from the first edition to the last. That's a hefty number for just eight editions.

The only time that the tournament took place in an odd year. It's also the only time that there was no title sponsor. It was simply called 'Asean Football Championship 2007'.

The number of goals scored in the 2004 edition, which is the most of all eight editions.

1996 | Singapore
Champions : Thailand
  • Top Scorer: Netipong Srithong-in (THA) 7 goals
  • MVP: Zainal Abideen Hassan (MAS)
  • 10 ASEAN countries participated
  • Named after then main sponsor - Tiger Beer

1998 | Vietnam
Champions : Singapore
  • Top Scorer Myo Hlaing Win (MYA) 4 Goals
  • No MVP
  • First time qualifications rounds were introduced
  • Singapore the first and only team to have won the competition after going through qualifiers

2000 | Thailand
Champions : Thailand
  • Top Scorer: Worawut Srimakha (THA) & Gendut Doni Christiawan (INA) 5 Goals
  • MVP: Kiattisak Senamuang (THA)
  • Thailand unbeaten throughout the competition and conceded only 3 goals.
  • Worawut Srimakha first player to perform hattrick in final.

2002 | Indonesia and Singapore
Champions : Thailand
  • Top Scorer: Bambang Pamungas (INA) 8 Goals
  • MVP: Terdsak Chaiman (THA)
  • Thailand's record third and final championship.
  • The first time the tournament was co-hosted.

2004 | Vietnam and Malaysia
Champions : Singapore
  • Top Scorer: Ilham Jaya Kesuma (INA) 7 Goals
  • MVP: Lionel Lewis (SIN)
  • Timor Leste joins the competition for the first time.
  • Two-legged Final introduced

2007 | Singapore and Thailand
Champions : Singapore
  • Top scorer: Noh Alam Shah (SIN) 10 Goals
  • MVP: Noh Alam Shah (SIN)
  • All 11 ASEAN nations participated.
  • No title sponsor for the first time.
  • Noh Alam Shah's 10 goals against Laos is still a record.
  • Singapore equalled Thailand's record of three championships as well as back-to-back titles.

2008 |Thailand and Indonesia
Champions : Vietnam
  • Top Scorers: Agu Casmir (SIN), Budi Sudarsono (INA) & Teerasil Dangda 4 Goals
  • MVP: Duong Hong son (VIE)
  • Vietnam is the first team to break Thailand and Singapore dominance

2010 | Indonesia and Vietnam
Champions : Malaysia
  • Top Scorer: Safee Sali (MAS) 5 Goals
  • MVP: Firman Utina (INA)
  • Only the fourth team to win the tournament.
  • Philippines entered the knock-out phase for the first time.