Indonesia's Irfan Bachdim: "Indonesia NT is like family"

The player spoke exclusively about his confidence in Indonesia to on Monday night, during a Nike launch event for the country's AFF Suzuki Cup uniform
By Bima Said

As he approaches his second AFF Suzuki Cup, Indonesia striker Irfan Bachdim is confident in his team's preparation for the biennial South East Asian competition.

The player spoke exclusively with Indonesia's Bima Said on Monday night at a launch event for Indonesia's new Nike-produced national team uniform.

"I'm 100 per-cent confident; we can go all the way," Bachdim said. "The preparation has been very good. We're all close, like a family.

The 24-year-old's assertion of unity came despite recent dischord between the Indonesian football association (PSSI) and rival federation KPSI, who have forbidden their players to join the national team in training.

"What's happening right now, the situation, it doesn't affect us," Bachdim added. "We all focus on the pitch. Off the pitch we don't really deal about it that much."

The Persema Malang man, who spent the year on loan at Arema Indonesia, has been joined on the pitch by naturalized Indonesians Tonnie Cusell, Jhon van Beukering, and Raphael Maitimo.

"They're doing very good, very nice guys," Bachdim added. "For me it's not the first time I've met them. They are very good to the team and they are very good players."

But the star of the night was not the players, but the team's new shirt.

"The first jersey [from the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010] for me was already very nice, with the big Garuda on my chest," Bachdim said. "And the new one for me it's classic, it's more retro. It's nice with the [green] stripes.

"The colors for me is the most important thing, with the Garuda on my chest. The winning color for me is the color of your blood. It's the color of love."