Fans attempt to contribute funds to cash-strapped Indonesia squad

Indonesia fans are attempting to gather funds for the national team, raising questions regarding the government's decision not to provide funding for the team
Supporters of an Indonesian club are planning to hold a fund-raising effort for the national team, which is currently not funded by the government.

This effort was initiated by Persebaya Surabaya FC fans, commonly known as Boneks, to protest against Indonesia’s Sport Minister Andi Mallarangeng’s decision to refuse to grant funding to the country's AFFSC squad.

Bonek Dedy Ambon hopes the fund-raising efforts will attract attention from the Indonesia fans, and encourage more to help the national team.

Ambon has also questioned Mr Mallarangeng's patriotism towards Indonesia, believing the Sports Minister is not doing enough to help the national team.

"The Sport Minister always talked about nationalism, yet his act now is contradictory," Ambon said.

"We are actually questioning his nationalism. Will he intentionally support Malaysia or other participants in the next AFF Suzuki Cup?"