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'He can get to play for bigger clubs' - Vasco da Gama coach Sergio Bello on Singapore U16 star Adam Swandi

'He can get to play for bigger clubs' - Vasco da Gama coach Sergio Bello on Singapore U16 star Adam Swandi


The Vasco coach offered praises to the Cubs and their rising star of a captain

Fresh from the win over Vasco da Gama, Singapore Under-16 coach Dejan Gluscevic, said that although he believed his boys can come out victors, he was more pleased that they did not let their opponents dominate the game.

“Good that they have opportunity to play opponents of different style," said Gluscevic.

"I expected the boys to win this game but what I am pleased was that after scoring two goals, we were able to control the game against a much quicker opponent.

“Speaking of the game tonight, I am happy that they adapted well to the opponents playing style.”

Gluscevic believed that the developmental program in place is working out well and that his boys are able to achieve success in the future.

“This is the first time that after two years of development program, we are playing against a physically better opponents in terms of size and speed,” he added.

“Ajax are champions in their domestic league and I hope our boys can one day play in their Under-15 team.

“The 1996 generation might become most successful and I hope that they can prove they are on right track to become champions and world cup players for Singapore which is our objective.

“On behalf of the coaching staff, I would like to congratulate the boys for achieving our objective this year. That is to qualify for the final."

Vasco coach Sergio Bello conceded that his team lost out to a more superior team in the semi-final and that although his team had lost, there were areas in which both teams were on par.

“Singapore played well today," said Bello.

"They control and pass the ball very well and are also quick. Although there is a difference in size and age, I feel that at certain point of the game, we did match them in terms of technique and ability and also the game play.

“It was a very good game but we could not score a goal. They were very tight at the back.”

Commenting on the finals between Singapore Under-16 and Ajax, Bello said that it will be an exciting game as both teams are equally even.

“It would be a great game as both team are equally good. Independent of the results, we will be seeing a good match in the final between Ajax and Singapore Under-16.”

Bello could not resist commenting on the Singapore’s rising star, Adam Swandi, as he sees potential in the 16 year old.

“He is a very good player with good technique and if he continues this (performance), he can get to play for bigger clubs," praised Bello.

"He certainly has that [South] American style of football, fast and quick.”