Saha: Tough for France to qualify for World Cup

The former Les Bleus international feels his country will not find it as easy to make it to Brazil after finishing second in their group and entering the play-offs
By Ahmad Khan

France might have felt relieved to have avoided Portugal in the 2014 World Cup European play-off qualifying draw, but former French international Louis Saha believes the team will still find it difficult to make it to Brazil.

France, who are set to face Ukraine over two legs next month, finished in second place behind Spain in the group stages of the qualifying phase.

But Saha, who only just called an end to his career two months ago, thinks it will not be an easy double header.

“It’s gonna be tough,” the former Manchester United forward told Goal Singapore.

“But [their] last three games showed they can score goals. You obviously need to be lucky and not face a big side like Portugal. But they’re all big sides. It’s going to be tough.”

Nevertheless, Saha feels that Les Bleus still stand a good chance to succeed in the final hurdle to reach the world cup.

“They have got players who can score goals,” Saha said, specifically singling out Franck Ribery as their key player.

“Ribery is playing really well, so if it’s the case in the game, they have all the chance.”

When asked whether France is good enough to win the World Cup, Saha said: “Yes, they are good enough. The thing is they just got to have the belief. That is not easy.”