Staudt accuses Hoeness of 'throwing the hammer' at Mario Gomez

The former Stuttgart chief has blasted the Bayern Munich president, following comments made at his former charge, insisting there were better ways to motivate the striker
Erwin Staudt has slammed Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness' criticism of Germany striker Mario Gomez,

Hoeness had earlier questioned the 27-year-old's ability, claiming that if he was as good as his reputation suggested, Jupp Hyenckes men would have already succeeded in lifting the Champions League.

Former Stuttgart chairman Staudt, whom Gomez had previously won the Bundesliga with in 2006-07, insisted such hardline methods of motivation were unnecessary.

"We all know Gomez's potential," blasted Staudt to TZ. "Throwing the hammer at him is needless and unnecessary, to say the least."

"Yes, it admittedly might be a newer form of motivation aimed at spurring him on, but Mario is a really good guy who knows what he's got."

Gomez suffered a recurrence of an ankle injury in the Liga Total! Cup against Werder Bremen and is expected to be out for up to eight weeks.