Goal World Cup Power Rankings: Germany and Netherlands set the pace after one game

Goal pundits from around the world ranked all teams in Brazil 2014 from 1 to 32. Here is their view of the participants after Matchday 1!

The first matchday of the 2014 Fifa World Cup has delivered exciting matches, outstanding individual performances and a few upsets. As a result, there are also plenty of changes on the perception of each team's potential.
Goal pundits from around the world have ranked all participants in Brazil from 1 to 32. The first installment, published on the opening day, had the hosts, Argentina and Germany as top contenders. What has changed since then?

Here are the Goal World Cup Power Rankings after Matchday 1. 

#1 - GERMANY (+2)
The best team so far. Lot of positional changes in the attack and a secure defense ::: Luiz Alberto Moura

Sweet indeed, very sweet revenge in their opener against Spain ::: Luis Herrera

#3 - BRAZIL (-2)
Still have not impressed, but remain one of the top favourites ::: Luiz Alberto Moura

#4 - ARGENTINA (-2)
Struggled a bit more than expected against Bosnia & Herzegovina, but Messi made sure to leave his mark ::: Luis Herrera
#5 - ITALY (=)
Always in control against England and perhaps surprised some with their impressive display ::: Teng Kiat 
#6 - FRANCE (=)
The group is united, Benzema is confident and Didier Deschamps was able to manage the team (on injuries and cards) for next games ::: Jean-Charles Danrée
#7 - COLOMBIA (+5)
Made sure Falcao's absence was quickly forgotten in an impressive display against Greece ::: Luis Herrera
#8 - CHILE (+5)
Dominated most of their match against Australia, but it took them until the 90th to seal the victory ::: Luis Herrera
#9 - BELGIUM (+1)
Looked clueless while trailing but responded well eventually to eke out the win and one suspects they will only get better ::: Teng Kiat
#10 - SPAIN (-6)
The biggest disappointment of the first round. The defence was a disaster and some players seemed to struggle with the weather ::: Luiz Alberto Moura
#11 - ENGLAND (=)

Created the better chances against Italy in the first half but lacked the instinct and composure inside the box to punish ::: Chris Davie

#12 - MEXICO (+8)

One of the revelations of this World Cup. Deserved to win by a wider margin against Cameroon, but the referee wrongly denied them two goals ::: Luis Herrera

#13 - UNITED STATES (+9)

Finally took revenge against Ghana, but lost Jozy Altidore in the process and Landon Donovan's omission became even more questionable ::: Luis Herrera

#14 - IVORY COAST (+2)

Drogba made all the difference for the Elephants, who now look capable of surviving the group stage ::: Dan Orlowitz

#15 - SWITZERLAND (+2)

Didn't make an impressive performance, but the lucky scenario of this first game can galvanise them to pass the first round ::: Jean-Charles Danrée

#16 -  CROATIA (-2)

Looked strong in defeat and were affected by referee's decisions. Still have a chance to reach the next round as long as they win their last two matches ::: Luis Herrera

#17 - URUGUAY (-8)

Costa Rica was supposed to be Uruguay's easiest opponent of the tournament. It's all uphill from here ::: Dan Orlowitz

#18 - COSTA RICA (+11)

We ranked Los Ticos 29th in the first poll. We are really sorry ::: Luis Herrera

#19 - PORTUGAL (-11)

After a bad loss, several injuries and a Pepe red card, advancing to the Round of 16 is not such a sure thing anymore ::: Dan Orlowitz


More than gave Argentina a run for their money and should make it out of the group in second place. ::: Teng Kiat

#21 - JAPAN (-6)

A demoralising loss makes a win against Greece absolutely necessary to keep Japan's knockout tournament hopes alive. ::: Dan Orlowitz

#22 - RUSSIA (-3)

Showed great mental toughness to rescue a point after goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev made a costly mistake for South Korea's goal. ::: Dan Orlowitz

#23 - GHANA (-5)

Maybe deserved better, but they missed too many chances to score. ::: Luis Herrera

#24 - SOUTH KOREA (-1)

Uninspiring performance in their first match, getting a point thanks to an opponent's mistake. ::: Luis Herrera

#25 - ALGERIA (+7)

After going scoreless in South Africa 2010, at least they already got their first goal and first led in a decent effort against Belgium. ::: Luis Herrera

#26 - ECUADOR (-1)

They couldn't keep the lead against Switzerland and now their options to reach the Round of 16 are minimal. ::: Luis Herrera

#27 - NIGERIA (-3)

A very disappointing attacking effort against Iran and need to improve a lot against Bosnia & Herzegovina - the game that could decide the second place of their group. ::: Luis Herrera

#28 - CAMEROON (-2)

The Indomitable Lions never showed their teeth against Mexico and were lucky to lose only by one. ::: Luis Herrera

#29 - AUSTRALIA (+1)

Were just one goal away of a draw for most of the game, but in reality the 3-1 was always closer than the 2-2. ::: Luis Herrera

#30 - IRAN (+1)

Managed to keep a clean sheet against Nigeria to get a point, but didn't impress anyone. ::: Luis Herrera

#31 - GREECE (-4)

Uninspiring in defeat to Colombia. Will have to play much better against Japan to keep hopes alive. ::: Dan Orlowitz

#32 - HONDURAS (-4)

Los Catrachos can say they were the first to test the new goal-line technology on an World Cup match, and not much else. ::: Luis Herrera


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