Three lessons from Switzerland 2-1 Ecuador

Switzerland pulled off a stunning come-from-behind win over Ecuador deep into injury time and we take a look at three things you can come away with from the game
By Bhas Kunju | Chief Editor, Goal Singapore

Nine matches later and the World Cup has seen nine definitive results. There is simply no room to play it safe and earn a draw. Even as Ecuador and Switzerland looked to have cancelled each other out, Haris Seferovic popped up deep into injury time to earn a winner.

No one likes Blatter
There's probably no public figure in the world right now who gets as much hate as the Fifa President. Sepp Blatter had a less than enthusiastic response at the opening ceremony and it was no different when he showed up at this game to cheer on his countrymen.

According to our correspondent in Brasilia, Blatter was booed when he appeared on the stadium screen. If the allegations of corruption swirling around the Qatar 2022 bid is not enough, the 78-year-old's stubborn insistence on running for a fifth four-year term as Fifa President has only further sullied his standing with the public. A win next year would ensure a 22-year term as the head of world football for the Swiss. If Fifa was a nation, we'd call Blatter a dictator.

Antonio and Enner
No, Antonio Valencia and Enner Valencia are not brothers. They are not even related in anyway. Also, more importantly, Enner has scored in each of the last five Ecuador matches. Now if only Antonio could have made anything close to a similar impact on the game.

Stop dwelling on the ball
For all the Lionel Messi-wannabes and Playstation-warriors attempting to emulate highlight-reel worthy dribbles and excessive ball control, let this World Cup be a telling lesson.

Fernando Torres became a caricature of himself at the world's biggest football stage and at one of the most high profile matches of the early round by passing on an empty goal. The Chelsea striker attempted to dribble himself into a more central position when a touch would have sent the ball into an empty net and softened the hammering by Netherlands on Sunday morning. Instead the Dutch defence easily knocked the ball off of the Spanish forward.

If that did not haunt your dreams, then please take note of Michael Arroyo of Ecuador. Deep into injury time, the substitute found himself in prime position to shoot from inside the penalty box. Instead, he too decided to dwell on the ball, allowing Valon Behrami to not only get the ball off of him but also lead a quick counter-attack that directly led to the wining goal from Seferovic.

Behrami dusted himself off from the challenge, skipped another, and played it ahead to Ricardo Rodriguez who picked out Seferovic. The Real Sociedad striker did exactly what neither Torres nor Arroyo did - smash the ball first time into the back of the net.

So, stop dwelling on the ball.