Cannavaro calls for discipinary reform in Italy

The Napoli captain had a ban for alleged match-fixing activities revoked, and claims that the authorities need to reassess how they deal with such issues going forward

Napoli captain Paolo Cannavaro believes that the rules need to be reconsidered after his six-month ban from a match-fixing trial was revoked upon appeal.

The 31-year-old and team-mate Gianluca Grava were banned for failing to report a potential fix to the authorities, but all sanctions were removed a mere month later.

"I put up with far too much over the last few months," he told Radio Marte.

"The important thing is that it was resolved. I honestly didn’t think this could happen to me. I shouted and nobody listened, the authorities ought to reconsider the rules.

"Gianluca and I emerged clean from this situation, as did the club. That is our greatest satisfaction. It could have been a huge blemish on our careers as well as a great injustice.

"I was at home when the appeal verdict came in and when I got the phone call I burst into tears of joy. I never considered a plea bargain, as I was not guilty and couldn't admit to something that hadn't happened."

Napoli also received a two-point penalty in the scandal, which was later revoked.