Peter Odemwingie is a nice guy and a match winner – Ben Foster

The Nigerian striker will face his old club for the first time this weekend after an acrimonious exit last September

As West Brom prepare to visit Peter Odemwingie and his Cardiff City team on Saturday, Baggies’ goalkeeper, Ben Foster believes the players will not harangue the Nigerian.

“Of course he’s a threat from seeing him play for us and in training," Foster told the Birmingham Mail.

“He’s one of those players who is a match-winner and can make something out of nothing in the blink of an eye.

“He can be very frustrating but a lot of strikers are like that and you just have to put up with it because now and then you know he can produce a little bit of magic and win you the game.

Odemwingie had a calamitous falling out with his former employers and the 32-year-old was sold on deadline transfer day to Cardiff.

“I suppose the good thing is our defenders and team know that and I’m sure they won’t give the chance to show that magic.

“There was so much that kicked off about Twitter and all that but Peter’s a nice guy.

“He’s softly spoken and has good manners. It was a bit of a shock to everyone when you saw all that stuff come out on Twitter on deadline day. But it was a bit out of character.

“I’m sure he’ll want to do his best, like he always does, and he’ll come around and shake everyone’s hand,” Foster added.

And maybe a sign of more maturity after his travails, Odemwingie opted against an interview this week - with Cardiff also refusing media requests.

Odemwingie scored 30 goals in 87 league appearances for the Baggies but has scored one goal in 11 league games for Cardiff.