'We can't let it fester' - Bruce to confront Allam over Hull City name change

The Tigers manager is delighted with their 3-1 win over Liverpool but feels that he will have to talk to the owner about defusing the fan tensions over his proposed name change
Hull City manager Steve Bruce says that he will seek talks with owner Assem Allam in the hopes of defusing tensions with the fans over his plan to rename the club.

After the 74-year-old said that "hooligan" supporters protesting his attempts to rebrand as Hull Tigers can "die as soon as they want", the KC Stadium crowd were vocal in their opposition during Sunday's 3-1 win over Liverpool.

While Bruce felt that the controversy spurred Hull fans to create a "fantastic atmosphere" on their way to the victory, he is keen for both sides to make peace for the good of the club.

"One thing it did was create a fantastic atmosphere," he told the press with a laugh, "but, in all seriousness, I think the chairman has put about £70 million into the club; without him, there wouldn't be a Hull City.

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"However, we've got to have a conversation because I don't think he understands quite what it means to the history and tradition. All he thinks about is going forward. He thinks the brand would be better and that's his opinion.

"But we can't let it fester, because it creates an atmosphere which none of us want. We should enjoy being in the Premier League and enjoy beating Liverpool instead of talking about a badge. It becomes irrelevant at times like today."

After a home defeat to Crystal Palace, the former Sunderland manager was delighted with his team's approach on Sunday but warns that more of the same will be required.

"We knew we needed a response and I knew there would be [one]," he remarked. "It's hard to take a team out of the Championship and give them that belief so [the win] gives them that self-belief that they can play here. That's the difficulty of the Premier League: You've got to be the best every time."

"We've got five wins and it's my aim to get another five. Let's hope we can get them and stay here [in the Premier League]; the longer we're here, the better we'll be."