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The musician admits Brendan Rodgers has won him over after initial hesitation to his appointment, and tells Goal about his top 10 favourite footballers of all time

Goal sat down with Miles Kane, who is currently touring his second album 'Don't Forget Who You Are' around Europe, to discuss Liverpool, the partnership between Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez and why Gareth Barry might enjoy the colour grey.

Do you have a favourite Liverpool moment?

"It will probably have to be the 2005 Champions League final, but since then it would have to be the Carling Cup final [in 2012] at Wembley.

"That was a nice moment. To just go to Wembley with the lads, it was just a bit of an event. The boys came down to London and we just had it. It was one of those things you will just remember forever."

Do you have a favourite Liverpool player?

"Gerrard is a classic choice, but at the moment Sturridge is just giving it everything. If he can keep that up he will be boss, won't he. He seems like he has a good attitude.


Peter Schmeichel
Roberto Carlos
Leighton Baines
Andrea Pirlo
Jason McAteer
Steven Gerrard
Roberto Baggio
Thierry Henry
Adebayo Akinfenwa
Peter Crouch
Luis Suarez has performed well with Sturridge this season [Kane interrupts: "SAS!"], do you think it was a wise decision by Liverpool to keep the striker in light of his off-field problems?

"Yeah, I do. It's good to have a character like that at a club. It gives them a bit of flair and a bit of attitude.

"Every team needs a bit of that at the moment ... otherwise they would be dry as f***. It would be boring if they were all laid back."

Laid back like, for example, Gareth Barry.

"[Laughs] Yeah! Exactly that! Just an entire starting XI of Gareth Barrys all looking like Garry Barry as well, that would be a nightmare. Their whole kit would be grey."

Liverpool currently lie second in the Premier League, dare I ask but are they title contenders?

"The next couple of games we have West Brom and Arsenal, so they are key to win to keep pace with the top heading into the busy Christmas period. We will see.

...and Brendan Rodgers. Yes or no?

"Er... yeah. I'm having it now. At first I couldn't get my head around the appointment after the whole Dalglish sacking. He seems like such a different character to Dalglish.

"But, I feel that the team have come together and there is confidence. There seems to be a good vibe [around the club] and it's shining through."

You mention Dalglish. He has just returned to the club in a director role, are you happy about that?

"Well, I'm sure he will be there to back Rodgers up if he needed it. [Laughs] He will just be hanging about won't he. Free tickets and a free lunch as John W. Henry wanted company!"

So, Manchester United. They aren't doing too well this season are they?

"I know, but I guess for anyone to take over that role [from Sir Alex Ferguson]... you sort of feel sorry for Moyes in that sense. I mean, how can anyone be as good as Fergie was in that role. It's a tough role but it will be interesting to see. They are like 9/1 to win the league now.

"They will surely keep faith in Moyes. I can't see them sacking him if United don't qualify for the Champions League. They'll give him a fair chance... but it's a weird world and I honestly couldn't [predict it]."

"It's still so early days in the title race. I wouldn't rule them out."

Finally, you are currently on tour?

"I'm in Frankfurt [at the moment]. It's the European tour. We've been in Luxembourg, and we were in Munich the other night. It's been fun. We've been on the road for a while now.

"We just did our UK tour in places like Brixton. The UK tour was just a different level. It was a bit of a moment in our career y'know. We've never had a crowd which were so up for it than on that tour. It was so enjoyable."

Miles Kane's latest single 'Better than That' is out now on Columbia Records