Shelvey urges England to emulate Swansea style

The 21-year-old agrees with former Reds team-mate Jamie Carragher's recent praise of the Swans and hopes that the Three Lions attempt to play with the confidence of his new side
Jonjo Shelvey has urged England to adopt a more positive approach to the game, similar to that of his new side Swansea.

Former England defender Jamie Carragher recently praised the Welsh side for their possession-based philosophy, suggesting that it could present a good example for the Three Lions.

And Shelvey, who has started each of the Swans’ last three league games since joining from Liverpool over the summer, agrees with his former team-mates praise.

"For Jamie, who was an outstanding footballer, to say that speaks volumes about this club. I agree with him because the way England play is very traditional," he told The Mirror.

"Look at Spain and Italy – we got battered by the Italians in the Under-21s and could not get the ball off them – but we had the players to do that to them. It’s frustrating because you get told to sit off and defend when we should be attacking them.

"We need to show more bravery when we play for our countries to get on the ball and pass it. That’s something which is encouraged at Swansea."

Shelvey made his England debut last year aged 20-years-old and believes he and other youngsters currently have the opportunity to re-shape the England team should they perform well for their clubs.

"We’re still young and there’s a lot of World Cups and European Championships to come. Playing for England is a motivation but it’s what you do at your club that matters," he added.