Extra Time: David Cameron overheard disapproving of John Terry's 'bad words'

The PM and German chancellor Angela Merkel found time in their busy schedules to talk about Saturday's Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been caught on camera discussing Chelsea defender John Terry with German chancellor Angela Merkel ahead of the Champions League final.

The west London outfit face Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena aiming to win the competition for the first time in their history and secure qualification for next year's tournament.

The fixture cropped up in conversation between Cameron and Merkel at a G8 meeting, perhaps after the pair placed a wager on the clash.

Merkel seemed to suggest that the Englishman's absence could be a problem for Roberto Di Matteo's side, saying: "John Terry is not there."

Cameron, however, is evidently not the 31-year-old's biggest fan. He replied: "That's good."

Understandably confused by this lack of patriotism, Merkel quizzed the Tory party leader further, adding: "Don't you like him?"

Then, Cameron dropped a bombshell, saying: "He's said some bad things."

Now, now Mr Cameron, you should know better. Terry has, of course, so far denied the allegations he faces - much like your friend Rebekah Brooks...

Plus, surely any English football fan would rather have the nation's hopes of success against the Germans being defended by the capable, if hate-able, Terry rather than the rash David Luiz?

The Chelsea defender is set to face trial nine days after Euro 2012, on July 9, after allegedly racially abusing Anton Ferdinand during the Blues' match with QPR in October 2011.