Goal.com Singapore readers overwhelmingly agree an overhaul is needed following meek exit from World Cup Qualifiers

The 7-1 defeat to Iraq was a culmination of several things going wrong with the team according to readers of Goal.com Singapore
After a record three AFF Cup wins and exciting forays into the latter stages of qualification for the World Cup and regional competitions, Singapore's relatively successful run in the international scene came to an end when they crashed out at the group stages in the 2010 AFF Cup.

A second appearance in the group stages of the AFC Zone World Cup qualifiers looked to have set things back on track. But following an Aleksandr Duric goal away to China in the first group match, Singapore never again found the net till Isa Halim scored a consolation in the final fixture, marking a 6-match run of straight defeats.

The final blow to Singapore seemed to have come from the 7-1 defeat to Iraq in Doha, Qatar, with many raising concerns over the state of Singapore football; especially after having achieved better results in recent years against the same opponents. Notably, the Lions were the only team to inflict defeat upon Iraq on the Middle-Eastern team's route to Asian Cup success in 2007.

In our poll conducted last week, a clear majority of 73% of our readers agreed that the defeat was a signal for overhaul and that the team had been in decline for awhile.

Another 18% conceded that the overall performance from the team was bad, but echoed coach Raddy Avramovic's sentiments that there was a gulf in standard that we need to accept, while approximately 9% held out claiming there wasn't a need for any overhaul.

dex from Singapore wrote : even philiphines are doing better!

SingOut loud also from Singapore opined: Dear FAS, (1)the foreign talents are a failure,locals can be properly groomed(this is not table tennis=instant olympic medal) (2)the players need physical bulking up and also be faster with the right nutrition and training(they always get owned physically) (3)pay more money to the players to motivate them(they are paid like interns but to a Nation!) (4)don't always compare players to Fandi Ahmad and talk about Malaysian Cup victory last time,move forward

Meanwhile Young Talents also felt a need to nurture local players : Get Chinese to play for Singapore soccer team, not Qiu Li or the other china fella

A fan calling himself Useless people at the top had a stronger opinion and felt the blame was to be placed on hierarchy: So much tax payer's money, Goal 2010, S-League and other initiatives launched for awhile now but the standard of soccer is getting worse, compared to the rest of Asia. It is obvious there are useless people in the FAS Hierachy. Its not just the players fault. FAS mgt needs to quit!!!

Concerned Lions FAN felt the problem may be resolved by nurturing young players as well: Its time to inject new blood to the team.we have nothing to lose in exposing young players.New players in the bracket age of 24 to 28 should also not be overlooked.Jamil Ali,Sobrie Mazlan,Erwan Gunawan,Shukor Zailan,K Vikmaran just to mention a few.FAS should set aside a budget for A international friendlies against quality oppositions and have centralized trainings once or twice a year.This way the NT player can gain invaluable experience and lessons.btw i find nothing special abt Fazrul Nawaz

Meanwhile Singapore's place in the Fifa rankings took another hit as they dropped two places to 150 following the recent defeat to Iraq and draw against Azerbaijan.