Moses must keep improving, says Brendan Rodgers

The Liverpool manager insists the Nigerian striker must remain at his best if he hopes to remain with the Reds on a permanent basis

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes Victor Moses could become a permanent player with the Reds if he keeps improving all the time.

Moses, who has started just nine games since arriving from the Stamford Bridge is facing stiff competition from Raheem Sterling and the likes to feature in the star-studded Liverpool team.

Rodgers who admires the Nigerian star believes the surest bet towards getting more playing time for the five-time European champions is by perking up his performance.

“For Victor, it is very simple. He wants to remain in a position that he will remain at a big club, whether it is Chelsea or Liverpool. There is no bigger motivation than that,” Brendan told The Mirror.

“In order to do that, he needs to be performing day in day out in training. If he does really well for us there is a possibility we will want to have him permanently, but ultimately it is Chelsea’s decision because he is their player.

“And if he has done really well then they will want to keep him. So there’s every motivation. When you sample the life of the big institutions like Liverpool then there’s not many that want to leave,” he concluded.

Moses remains Chelsea till June 2017 but the Stamford Bridge club may be tempted to sell him to another club before the expiration of his contract.