Siphiwe Tshabalala is better on the right wing, reveals Kaizer Chiefs coach Baxter

Baxter has been playing Shabba on the right hand side with George Lebese as a left winger and the Chiefs coach is convinced this position suits the Bafana man better

Kaizer Chiefs coach Stuart Baxter has explained his decision to play Siphiwe “Shabba” Tshabalala more on the right hand side of the midfield than his natural position.

Baxter is aware that fans want to see Shabba more on the left wing, as the Chiefs midfielder’s left foot is more effective than his right foot.

But Baxter believes Tshabalala’s new role gives him different options to get into those goalscoring positions.

“If I am not hundred per cent wrong you guys have begged the national team coach to play him down the left hand side, and he only goes down and running crosses in,” Baxter told reporters.

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“So, we are giving him different angles when he plays in the park. He links with Knowledge [Musona] and Bernard [Parker], and he’s a player who’s got the brain.

“He needs movements ahead of him, that’s why we have played him that way; coming inside rather than defenders shuffling him down the corner flag and allowing him to cross with his left foot,” he said.

The 60-year-old Chiefs mentor believes Tshabalala has improved since playing on the right hand side, and hints that the dreadlocked midfielder will continue to operate from that position, as he revealed that Shabba is better there than on the left.

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“I think that has been a big part to Shabba’s resurgent that he gets into good positions. I just want him to get in there and I want to give him the movements.

“Our ambition is to give him that movement, and when we do give him, Shabba is a very good player and I think those angles suit him better,” added Baxter.

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