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Former Malmo striker Tekelo Rantie exclusively speaks to Goal about his move to Bournemouth in England

23-year-old Rantie impressed in Bafana's 4-1 victory against Botswana on Saturday. After moving from Sweden to England, the South African forward is delighted to be in the shop window to attract Premier League clubs.

“It came as a real surprise to me as I only knew about the deal when it was finalized. At first my coach told me that they had been keeping a very close eye on me and they would like to have my services. I thought maybe it was just one of those things when you go for trials and next thing you are back,” said Rantie.

With Bournemouth going all out to ensure that they secured his signature, Rantie said their faith in him is what prompted the Bafana star to make the move.

“I think the faith and belief they have shown in me is incredible. You know when there are people that see the good in you and how they can make you a better player. That is overwhelming. To be honest with you, it was not about money but it was the faith they showed in me,” he said.

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“They have spoken to me about my game and even more inspiring is that they have spotted my weaknesses and where I need to improve to become a better player. That on its own makes me to be humble about my move. Despite my weakness the club is still keen to use me and help me grow, that must mean there is something special they see in me,” he said.

Although many South African players don’t have a good track record in England, let alone passing trials, Rantie said he has strong motivation behind him.

“Yes, I am aware that most guys have failed there but I believe that will not be the case with me. Football is my life and my only source. Nothing is going to stand in my way as I have to take care of my sick mother. My background is my strong motivation and that is why I am going out there to give it all,” he said.

Rantie is still in South Africa and he said he is still going to go to Pretoria to sort out his work permit and all the necessary paperwork before he jets off.

“I should be sorting everything hopefully by Tuesday, but you know the process that goes in there. I am really excited about going and humble for the opportunity,” he said.

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