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The world governing body for football have announced that female and male players will be allowed to wear head coverings in line with their religious beliefs

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) who determine the laws of the game for Fifa have ruled that head coverings will be permitted for both female and male players starting from June 1.

After a two-year trial run, the IFAB concluded that 'there was no indication as to why the wearing of head covers should be prohibited'. The wearing of head scarves, a common practice in Muslim nations, had previously been banned by Fifa in 2012.

The head covers, however, have to meet Fifa's design rules. As listed by IFAB, the head covers must be of the same colour as the jersey, have a professional appearance, be a separate unattached garment from the jersey, and not be of danger to the player or others.

"There were experiments run for the women players, these were also run last year," announced Jerome Valcke, the Fifa Generaly Secretary at a press conference on Saturday. "It is confirmed, female players can have head covers"

Valcke also revealed that the organisation had received a similar request from Canada in June last year for male players to wear head coverings.

"In one of the tournaments, there was a request from the Sikh community to play with head covers," he added.

"We can't discriminate. So it was decided that what can be applied to female players can be applied to males."

Valcke stated that the organisation will work on the exact definition of the term 'hear covers' and it'll be sent to all Member Associations (MAs) for approval.

The new ruling will come into place from June 1, in time for the start of the World Cup in Brazil.