FAM launch campaign to battle hooliganism

The "Love Football, Stop Hooliganism" initiative will get underway in light of recent rising concerns over violence in Malaysia's football stadiums
The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) underlined their determination to fight against hooliganism by launching a new campaign on Monday.

The "Love Football, Stop Hooliganism" campaign will get underway during Malaysia league competitions this season, in light of recent concerns over violence in local stadiums.

Campaign flags with wordings that reflect aspirations for Malaysian football will be distributed to all Super League and Premier League sides, although they will first make their debut in the friendly match between Malaysia and Philippines on March 1 at Selayang Stadium.

FAM vice-president Tunku Abdullah Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah reiterated their tough stance on violence in football, stating that it was "unacceptable".

"These occurences should not grow and that is what I'm hoping we can achieve with this campaign," he asserted.

"Football is a sport for all. We have to be considerate towards other fans as well, who are coming out to support their teams. Thus, I'd like to warn this people to only come to the stadium to watch football and support their team, not create any problems.

"Fans need to behave themselves and channel support in the proper way. We don't want these things to create a bad reputation for our country and the local football scene."