Two alleged match-fixers remanded in custody

The pair were not granted bail because they do not have UK addresses, and will appear before a jury on December 13 to face a charge of conspiracy to defraud via football betting
Two alleged match-fixers have been remanded in custody until December 13 after appearing Cannock Magistrates court on Friday morning.

'Complacent' England must wake up to match-fixing - global corruption investigator 
Chann Sankaran and Krishna Sanjey Ganeshan, alleged to be members of an illegal betting syndicate, were charged with conpsiracy to defraud following an investigation into match fixing in English football earlier this week.

They were told by a judge on Friday that, given their charge is an indictable offence, they must appear before a jury at Birmingham Crown Court on December 13.

The Crown Prosecutor had appealed that no bail be granted to the men on the grounds that they should be considered a flight risk.

The defendants' solicitor, however, revealed that he was unable to apply for bail because his clients do not have UK addresses, which is a prerequisite for such a request.

The two men were among six to be arrested following the investigation, and are accused of committing offences "in Manchester and elsewhere". The other four men were bailed on Thursday, while one further arrest was made on the same day.

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