We will go all out against Qatar, says Rajagopal

Datuk K. Rajagopal reiterated the fact that his charges would be giving their all in the all important clash against the Maroon tonight.
Malaysian national team coach Datuk K. Rajagopal has promised fans all throughout the nation that the Malayan Tigers will be going gung-ho in their all important clash against Qatar.

Their hopes of qualifying for the Asian Cup is hanging in the limbo now, and they require full points from the clash at the Shah Alam Stadium; something that King Raja's men will be gunning for.

"We don't only want to attack Qatar all out, but we also need to find a right strategy," he's said.

"Obviously we need a win, but we cannot focus too much on attack that we lose focus in defence, because that will give Qatar an opportunity to punish us."

"To achieve a mission, we need to carry it out with caution and full attention. Remember one goal will be enough for us to win the game."

A win will boost Malaysia's chances of qualifying for the Asian Cup, although they will still require a win against Yemen, and hope that Qatar lose to Bahrain in the final game.

The match will take place on Tuesday night at the Shah Alam Stadium, with kick off slated at 8.45 pm.