Hugh Jackman backs Wolverine to beat Messi

The box office draw card hopes to be in Brazil to cheer on his team next year, and believes his most famous character would get the better of the best player in the world

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman says he will have his hands out for freebies ahead of Australia's 2014 World Cup campaign, and backed Wolverine to get the better of Lionel Messi on the field.

After growing up during a fallow period for the Socceroos, Jackman is just one of many Australian football fans now spoiled by three successive qualifications for the biggest tournament in world football.

And the 44-year-old jokingly said he will not hesitate in cashing in on his fame if it guarantees him a ticket to watch Tim Cahill and co. in South America next year.

"To be clear, I'm hoping to be in Brazil for it," he told the FIFA website.

"I'm one of these people that, when you're offered things because you're famous, I'll say, 'No, I don't want that. I'm not interested in that'. But tickets? Yes! Absolutely! Restaurants and tickets for football games, that's me. I'll be a whore for that, trust me.

"This is not something I was used to. I mean, we grew up watching the World Cup but we always just assumed that Australia would never make it. Over the last few years, the Socceroos have just been incredible and I think it's great because young people are growing up thinking [that qualifying for World Cups] is normal. Success begets success in that respect."

Jackman has risen to global stardom on the back of his regular appearances as X-Men character Wolverine, and he has some interesting ideas about how the superhero would be best employed on a football pitch.

When asked if the adamantium-clawed mutant would make a good goalkeeper, Jackman said: "No, he'd keep on popping and slashing the ball. Plus, in the comic book, he's only 5ft 3inches and there aren't many 5ft 3inches keepers out there. I wouldn't mind him in the midfield though. He could do some serious damage in there. Messi would be thinking, 'I might just pass it to someone else. I don't fancy going up against him.'"

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