Tiger Street Football China witness first local triumph in international leg

Four international teams showcased various styles as Nam Yue Xiangrui claimed international glory for the first time

Match Day 2 of Tiger Street Football China saw a more diverse display of street football style in the international tournament, even though the four teams failed to beat the local champions from Day 1.

Futsar (Argentina), A Futsal (Malaysia), Falcao Futsal Club (Sweden) and team Vietnam entered the Tiger Football Cage outside Metropolitan Plaza in Guangzhou on Day 2, to compete with four local teams for the US$5,000 prize. While Futsar and A Futsal were considered as the strongest contenders before the tournament, Nam Yue Xiangrui charge through difficult challenges and seized the trophy.

The local champions from Day 1 edged through the semifinals with Malaysia with a 4-3 score before beating Futsar in the final 5-3, with fans screaming just outside the cage. This is the first time the TSF championship in Guangzhou is won by a local team.

“I have waited for three years and it finally came,” declared Raymond Leung, the Marketing Manager of APB Guangzhou who highlighted that the local teams are receiving more support than previous years.

Distinctive styles of street football are seen in the day’s tournament. While A Futsal played delicate Tiki-taka inside the oval Cage, constantly walking the ball in, Futsar showed a sophisticated combination of skills and physicality.

Team Vietnam showed more stability than many other teams. After winning all three three games in the group stage, they eventually lost to the Argentineans 5-3 in the semifinal.

However, they slaughtered A Futsal 10-1 in the third-place playoff.

Falcao Futsal Club from Sweden relied more on their physical strength, as this was their first time playing Cage football. The Swedish team manager admitted that the players found it difficult to adapt to the conditions of the Cage.

“We’re here to have fun,” said Daniel Blanco, the captain of Falcao who only managed to win one game against local team 361 in the group stage.