Teong Kim to help Malaysia enter 2019 Under-17 World Cup

The National Football Development Programme, through its new Project Director, Lim Teong Kim, will boost Malaysia’s youth team to join the 2019 Under-17 World Cup

The National Football Development Programme’s (NFDP) new Project Director, Lim Teong Kim, will play a key role in boosting Malaysia’s qualification for the 2019 Under-17 World Cup.

The Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said yesterday that the 50-year-old would sign a five-year deal from November 2013 to replace ex-Malaysia international, Lim Kim Chon, who is also his brother, Bernama reported.

Teong Kim has had six years of experience coaching the Bayern Munich youth squad and the National Sports Council (NSC) finds him to be a good fit for the vacancy.

Director-general of NSC Datuk Seri Zokples Embong said: “The NSC has been looking for an individual to fill the vacancy and the idea of appointing Teong Kim comes from the Sports Minister himself.

“The national football development programme was disrupted after Kim Chon resigned as the Head of national youth football development in May.”

Teong Kim, who won 76 caps for the Malayan Tigers, was in discussions with the NSC over his position where he will help nurture young footballers from the grassroots to reach the national level.

“Teong Kim visited several football development centres and was impressed with what we had done.

“He felt that the NSC have a good national football development foundation which could be developed to a higher level,” Zokples said.

Other notable footballing highlights of Teong Kim’s career include playing stints with Hertha BSC in Germany and Grazer AK in Austria.