Bobai FC's pre-match analysis won them Tiger Street Football crown

Malaysian side Bobai FC were unexpected winners of the International Tiger Street Football crown in Kuala Lumpur, revealing that analysis of the opposition guided them to success

It was a proud day for Malaysia in the 2013 Tiger Street Football International categoriy as a local team, Bobai FC, won the tournament after beating England's Manchester Futsal Club in the final.

They beat their opponents 3-2 in the final to win US$5,000 as well as a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to play in the Grand Finals of Tiger Street Football in November.

Speaking to Goal, Vice-Captain of Bobai FC, Mohd Rizki, said after the game: "We are so happy with the victory because we actually didn't expect to win the tournament.

"We had to face strong teams from Holland and England to achieve this and we just kept our confidence at a high to win the games."

Bobai FC, who didn't make it to the final for the national round in the first day of the tournament, said that the experience and their hard work of studying their opponents before facing them paid off and made the difference when they played in the International category.

"The difference from [day one] was that we did our homework by analysing and studying the way our opponents played before we competed with them," Rizki added.

Bobai FC will represent Malaysia in the Grand Finals in Vietnam this November and are determined to go all the way to win by bringing the momentum of their latest triumph.

Tiger Street Football ended yesterday after the game’s ambassador, Fabio Cannavaro completed the prize-giving ceremony with Manchester Futsal Club, who finished second, and third-placed Touch N Go from Singapore.