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Shah Alam Stadium will host the match between Malaysia and Barcelona, with the pitch condition in Bukit Jalil being touted by many as the reason behind the late change

In a late and dramatic twist, the venue of the match between Malaysia and Barcelona has changed from the Bukit Jalil Stadium to the Shah Alam Stadium.

Although no official reasons have been given yet, it is suspected that the pitch condition in Bukit Jalil, which has been widely criticised, is the main reason behind this last-hour decision.

It is no secret that the Bukit Jalil Stadium pitch has been in terrible condition for quite some time. Barcelona officials have inspected the pitch on several occassions prior to this, and even revealed their displeasure at its condition.

However, the organizers remained defiant about it, refusing to make a venue change despite calls by many to shift it to the Shah Alam Stadium.

But when the Barcelona players took to the Bukit Jalil Stadium for their training session earlier this evening, they were apalled by the condition of the pitch, which led to an emergency meeting at the One World Hotel.

After discussing the matter on hand, it has now been confirmed that the match will be played at the Shah Alam Stadium, which hosted the match between Chelsea and Malaysia last month.

While this move is logical on a footballing sense, it is likely to be a logistical disaster for the organizers, sponsors and even broadcasters of the game.