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The Indonesian club were handed a hefty fine for their fans' repeated use of the banned items

Arema Indonesia FC have been handed a fine of USD$7500 by the PSSI's disciplinary committee following the use of fireworks and flares by their fans in a recent game.

They were previously fined USD$5000 for the same offence after the match against Gresik United on June 15. The game had to be stopped by the referee after visibility levels fell with smoke covering most of the playing area.

PSSI decided to hand an additional $2500 fine to Arema after their supporters repeated the same act in their latest match against Persija Jakarta on June 30.

"We (PSSI) increased the penalty for Arema to $7500; if a similar incident happened again in the future, there will be further additional fines," Hinca Panjaitan, the chief of PSSI disciplinary committee told reporters.

"Setting off fireworks and flares in a match is not allowed.

"Aremania's (Arema's fan group) action was outside of the legal mechanisms of sports. Everyone who violates the rules, we will have action taken against them. The club will be taken responsibility for any violations by the fans."