Thai female player Naphat Sriserm signs for Speranza FC in Japan

The captain of Thailand’s women’s national team will play in the Nadeshiko League following successful trials
Thailand will have another female player plying her trade overseas after women’s national team captain Naphat Sriserm signed for Speranza FC.

The Osaka-based club was impressed with Naphat’s showings at trials earlier this June and has officially signed her to play in the Nadeshiko League.

Naphat, or “Job” as she is nicknamed, was understandably excited about the chance to play in Japan, who won the last Women’s World Cup.

"Personally, I am delighted to play in this league,” she enthused.

“Thank you for your support, everybody. I want to do my best for the Japanese fans. From now on, please support me."

Speranza coach Honnami Kenji had no doubt Naphat would be a huge asset to his team.

"The important thing is that we got a great player from Thailand to join our team,” he said.

“Even if her shape (size) is too small, her most important weapons are speed and smart passes. She also has leadership as the national team captain and these will help us to go forward."

Naphat is not the first female player from Thailand to play overseas. National team wing-back Karnjanar Sungnyun, or "Nade", and "Pui" Pitsamai Sornsai, a striker, have also played for Japanese sides before. Nade has since moved to Finland to continue her career, but Pui has suffered knee injuries for a second time and faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines.