Worawi Makudi: Letter from Fifa to FAT is not fake

The Football Association of Thailand president was forced to reschedule elections for a new chief and received warning of a possible ban from football's world governing body

Thailand’s football scene has descended into uncertainty in recent days after its Football Association (FAT) was forced to postpone elections for a new chief, which were scheduled to be held on June 16.

The decision was made by incumbent Worawi Makudi following a court injunction that was filed by Thailand fourth-division club Pattaya FC to halt the FAT's plan to seek approval for a revision to its regulations in line with new Fifa statutes. 

Following the cancellation of the elections, Fifa reprimanded the FAT in a letter that cautioned them to settle their legal issues by June 24 in order to avoid sanctions.

The letter was sent by Fifa deputy secretary-general Markus Kattner on June 17 but several quarters have questioned its authenticity of it, leading Worawi to make a statement to quash those rumors.

"Somebody said that this letter is 'fake' and that is nonsense,” he sternly asserted at a press conference.

“The letter was sent by email, not fax. Fifa is not on some other planet. We can contact each other in a second. I don't like to distort the facts because you can check everything." 

With Fifa rules not allowing for civil courts to get involved in the administration of national football bodies, Thailand may possibly face an international ban if the impending lawsuit is not dropped by Monday, June 24.

“FAT will be notifying Pattaya FC to withdraw its action and we have made it clear to them the effects if they do not comply," Worawi said.

“We might be stripped of our Fifa membership and this might result in other countries not wanting to come and play in Thailand.

"It is my responsibility. I am trying to do everything follow the Fifa rules. As for my position [as an executive committee] on Fifa's board... it's not related to this problem."