Fanview : What the U-17 World Cup bid could mean for Indian Football

The Indian Government has backed India's bid to host the U-17 World Cup having provided guarantees that would meet FIFA's requirements....
The news of the Indian government giving a green signal to India's bid to host the U-17 World Cup in 2017 came as a boost to the nation. This move was heralded from all quarters as it has the potential of leaving a legacy behind. Goal asks its fans what they feel about the government backing the All India Football Federation (AIFF) bid of hosting the U-17 tournament.

Punyaslok Gupta

Certainly a positive move for Indian football in my view. There has never really been a dearth of interest or fan following here. India has been a football crazy nation, but a serious lack of infrastructure & the necessary support from the concerned authorities has proved to be a major barrier in the path of the development of the beautiful game here. But getting to host a World Cup, even if it is the Under-17 is big enough and a crucial project which may just provide a much needed boost to Indian football.


Swarnavo Chakraborty

The impact of hosting the U-17 World Cup will have on Indian Football would be far reaching. It will heavily benefit football in India - the facilities, the appeal of football, improvements in infrastructure.


Ajinkya Kale

Finally football is getting some sort of recognition in the country and if we do eventually win the opportunity to host the tournament, then I'm quite sure that an impetus will be provided towards the development of the sport in the country. The news of India getting the chance to host the tournament has made me happy.


Rahul Bhatu

It will have a massive impact on the game in India, where a new revolution can begin for the young footballers of the nation. If the bid is approved by the All India Football Federation (AIFF), then this will be the best opportunity for the players to showcase their talent. Eagerly waiting to see if we can get the bid in our favour. Hoping for the best!


Preshit Jadhav

This tournament will be a a great opportunity for the youngsters in India. Urban youth of the nation have been following and playing the game more than cricket of late. The tournament will improve the football infrastructure of the nation. India has never hosted such a tournament and by doing so, it will surely increase the fan following. I can see this tournament being a blessing for the sport in India.


Mohit Khamkar

This is definitely great news. No doubt this would grab some much needed attention for this sport in India. But I'm more skeptical about this. Largely because Indians and corruption are never too far from each other. Add the Government's involvment and there you have it - Commonwealth 2.0. Based on reported amounts the Government will/has sanctioned (INR 100cr + ) and if we are lucky to win our bid to host the tournament, I see no possible way it will live up to it's expectation, let alone surpass it. But yes, passion for the sport can overcome greed. Some might say that corruption will always be involved, what differs is the amount and extent. In a country where cricket is a religion and football is arguable an outcast I can only hope this proves to be a boon in the long run.


Vishy Pai

This would promote football amongst the youth fraternity and enhance their inclination towards the sport. All in all we could finally get the opportunity to feel what international football is all about.


Tejas Moghe

Nothing can be more exciting than this. A tournament of such a high calibre to be held in our nation is just great news. This would be the best source to develop the tarnished image of football in India. I am personally very happy as it was my dream to be able to watch a World Cup, and hopefully I will realize my dream subject to FIFA's approval of AIFF's bid. I somehow managed to miss the game when Bayern Munich visited India, but I wont this time.


Akshay Hinduja

I think its fantastic of the goverment planning to back up the AIFF to bid for the U-17 World Cup, by providing guarantees on tax exemption, security, transport and accommodation of players, visa and foreign exchange. This would give Indian football a new impetus to develop from the base level. If we do win the bid, the goverment will hopefully invest in quality infrastructure which will help new and existing teams alike. Also the broadcasting and tourist attractions this will bring are very beneficial for the sport in India. All in all I am really pleased by the goverment's move, and hope we do win the bid to make the great game popular in India


Abhishek Rania

It is great to see the Indian Government approve our bid to host the U-17 World Cup. The approval is a positive sign for Indian football, as the Government is finally investing in the game. As of now, the only positive news for Indian Football and fans is in the form of this iniative by our government. We, as a football playing nation would gain more only if our bid is successful. I for one am happy to see the first step been taken.