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APPI admits that they are finding it tough to resolve all the issues faced by their members but insist that they have done their best, exhausting all possible avenues

Indonesia Professional Footballers Association (APPI) admitted the difficulties they are facing in defending the rights of players in Indonesia, especially with regards to those who have not received their wages as per contract with their clubs. 

APPI General Manager Valentino Simajutak said that their committee had gone to several parties for assistance to settle the unpaid wages.

Valentino also revealed that they had sought help from the various governing bodies to resolve the country's problems with the Football Federation and national team, but those efforts had been for nought.

“We have seen various stakeholders and till today those problems have yet to see any significant progress and it had created confusion in our country’s football scene,” said Valentino.

“But there are those that do not agree with our ideals in advancing the rights of the footballers and there are those that also said we have not done anything.

“But nevertheless, regardless of how slow the progress is and even though now it is as though we can easily say, ‘Where can we go to now?’,  APPI will still fight and cling on to the hope that this situation will be able to be settle.”

Among the organisations that APPI had sought assistance from include the two feuding FAs (PSSI and KPSI), the committee of the Premier League and Super League, FIFPro Asia and International, AFC’s task force team and of course, Fifa. 

Other than the football related agencies, APPI have also gone to government agencies such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the President’s office and the Parliamentary Commission.

The problems plaguing the country had also seen the unfortunate passing of Paraguayan Diego Mendieta due to complications from typhoid fever and liver disease last December. 

The 32-year-old striker was turned away by the hospital, when he sought medical attention, as he could not afford the treatment having not been paid four months of his wages by his club PSSB Bireun.

A week ago, the country also saw the pull-out of Arema from the Premier League due to financial reasons, leaving their players stranded without a club weeks before their new season is due to kick-off.