Malaysia remains at 158th position in the latest FIFA rankings

In the latest ranking by FIFA, Malaysia remains at 158th position out of 209 nations registered in FIFA, Spain still rank number one
Malaysia remains at 158th in the latest ranking by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA).

Due to the lack of international matches played during early part of the year, Malaysia's position has not changed. But the latest rankings do show that K. Rajagopal's men are one point higher than before this month, with 134 points.

However, Malaysia's ranking is expected to change next month as Malaysia will take part in its first friendly match this year against Iraq, taking place in the UAE.

According to Bernama, the latest ranking shows that Harimau Malaya are on par with teams like Maldives (159), Lesotho (160) and Hong Kong (163). Among Southeast Asian nations, Malaysia is in the 6th position behind Vietnam (134), Thailand (138), Phillipines (147), Singapore (154) and Indonesia (156).

There is no change in top three as Spain retains as the world's best at number one, with Germany and Argentina in  second and third place respectively.