Beckenbauer: Zidane would be more suited to international management

The former Germany captain was amongst a number of big names in the world of football to express their belief that the Frenchman would make a good coach one day
Former Germany captain Franz Beckenbauer has claimed that Zinedine Zidane would make a good international coach due to his less personal nature not being suited to working at a club.

Beckenbauer was one of a number of influential names that were asked to comment on whether the 1998 World Cup winner would make a good trainer, and he feels that players would have respect for him due to his excellent career.

"Knowing Zidane, I see him as a international team coach rather than as a club coach. There would be less pressure and it will reflects better his personality because he's someone who does not speak a lot," he told France Football.

"His history is of an exceptional player, and with his aura and status, each player would listen to him. I'm sure he can be a great coach."

Former Paris Saint-Germain coach Guy Lacombe believes Zidane could be tempted by Les Parisiens later, though, he is of the belief that he is more likely to return to two of the most famous stages of his career.

"Maybe when he reaches a larger international dimension, he will be tempted by PSG. But I see him writing a story with two teams, the Real Madrid and France team," he said.

Zidane's former France team-mate Bixente Lizarazu says the former midfielder should take any job that becomes available to him, and not just hold out for a bigger role.

"Zizou must not close any doors because even for him there is not many jobs available. He should not, for example, says he wants to be a national team coach or a club coach," he explained.

"Another example: if he considers that his only purpose is Real Madrid, it limits the range of possibilities. You can not just set a limit."

Former Real Madrid coach Jorge Valdano disagreed with some other members of the panel, pondering whether Zidane would have patience with players who are not as good as he once was.

"His biggest problem will be he was a genius footballer. The big players like Zidane solve gambling problems by intuition. They do not need to think, it just comes naturally. Others must think a lot to get there," he admitted.

"The challenge will be to tell what he knows. One thing is to do and to tell how to do is another thing."