FFP not out to isolate clubs, say Uefa

The European football governing body have stressed that the new rules are there to protect the integrity of the game as opposed to targeting certain teams
Uefa general secretary Gianni Infantino has insisted that Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations are not designed to isolate clubs.

Starting from next season, the governing body will have the right to exclude teams from the Champions League and Europa League if they do not comply with the new measures.

Decisions about clubs' financial states are due in June but Infantino has stressed that Uefa are simply trying to protect the game.

"This is not a project of Uefa or whoever else; this is a project of European football. Everyone is supporting it, all those who care about the viability of football in the future," he said.

"Uefa are not seeking to exclude or isolate clubs. FFP is there to help the clubs and European football, but of course Uefa are not afraid to take the necessary measures to protect the game and to maintain the integrity of its competitions.

"We are told by some that this rule is intending to preserve the current situation, and that those who are currently rich will remain rich, and that the poor will remain poor.

"This is completely wrong, because FFP is about financial sustainability in European football. In fact the application of the break-even principle will lead to a more competitive and sustainable football sector in Europe."

Clubs will be able to appeal any decisions taken against them with regard to FFP measures to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, who will make definitive judgements between the end of July and mid-August.