Liverpool blew title chance, say Goal Singapore readers

The Reds suffered a shock 3-3 draw despite leading by three goals against Crystal Palace to well and truly hand the advantage to Manchester City
For 79 minutes, things were going swimmingly for Liverpool at Selhurst Park. Up 3-0 and hunting more goals, the Reds were hoping to pad up their goal difference.

But by the end of the final whistle, the score was 3-3 after a stunning late collapse against Crystal Palace. It was a result that put Manchester City firmly in the driving seat, with the second-placed side just one point behind with two games left, while the Reds have played a game more.

"They've got two home games now, even if they're two tough games, but we needed to win tonight so I think Manchester City will go on and win the two games and they'll be champions," Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers admitted after the game as he all but conceded the Premier League title.

The majority of Goal Singapore readers also feel that Liverpool have lost the advantage, with 64.4% believing that the Reds have blown their chances after being in pole position for so long, until the loss to Chelsea last week and now the draw at Palace. The remaining 35.6% are more optimistic, believing that with all the twists and turns, Liverpool still have a chance.

City are left with home ties against Aston Villa and then West Ham United, while Liverpool have to beat Newcastle United in their last match and hope for their rivals to slip up.