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Alan Pardew’s excuses hold no more substance as fans begin to see that it is the Frenchman himself that is the problem with Newcastle United’s dismal season

Sadat Osman

The 4-0 defeat at home to Manchester United highlighted some key numbers: 7/10, 11 and zero.

To explain further, that means Newcastle United have lost a whopping seven games in their last 10, conceded 11 goals and not scored in any of those defeats.

Long-time Geordies will most definitely be disheartened but as with almost every season, the Northeast side has never been anything more than mediocre.

The Red Devils are already having a bad season – one that is comparably a lot worse that Alan Pardew’s men – and they were actually ripe for a thumping once again.

However, the scene at St. James’ Park on Saturday saw Newcastle shorthanded with a list of key players on the injury list, as well as a poorly made-out plan.

Juan Mata should be the one taking all the credit for Manchester United’s victory last week as he was able to make the important passes, but more significantly, score a brace that saw the home side take a huge slump.

Pardew also pointed out some mistakes on the part of the referee, but that is an age-old excuse that should just be eradicated altogether. See how Liverpool overcame nonsensical officiating when West Ham United’s equaliser was allowed to stand regardless of the foul committed by Andy Carroll on Simon Mignolet.

The worst part was when the linesman had the wherewithal to indicate to the referee, Anthony Taylor, the impediment in the penalty area before the ball found the net.

In that respect, Newcastle need a new plan - one where the fans can actually see results rather than what Pardew wants i.e to play exciting football.

Well sir, excitement aside, consistent victories are more important – a boring 1-0 win is way better than a 4-0 thrashing any day.

There are two straightforward aspects of football: if you don’t concede, you will not lose and if you want to win, just go ahead and score.

In simple words, it’s either Newcastle make massive changes to their squad next season – not one full of French players – or the manager has to go.

It is one thing to lose to Manchester United, but it becomes a whole new ball game when you add to that defeats at the hands of Southampton, Sunderland, Tottenham, Hull City, Fulham and Everton – two of those sides are actually rooted to the bottom.

The game against Stoke City should be the decider for Pardew’s future. Anything less than a win must signal the end of an era at St. James’.