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Khairul Amri's stunning late strike took the roof of the stadium on Saturday exactly as Goal Singapore's Teng Kiat predicted. This time, the boys discuss the Johor clash

Firstly, well done to the LionsXII for grinding out the win against Selangor in the dying seconds of the game. You could see at the end of the game how much the win meant to the players and fans. Unfortunately, they barely have time to saviour the victory as they face giant spenders JDT, presumably one of the favourites for the title, on Tuesday. JDT must be reeling from their 1-0 defeat against T-Team and would definitely be looking to set things right against the Singapore side. The LionsXII, while they appear untouchable at home, seem to struggle in away matches, and could be in for a long night. But they do have an ace in Fandi Ahmad, who knows a thing or two about his previous club, and I think that would be key for the young team. The Southern Tigers will be under pressure to get a result, and the LionsXII can very well exploit the weight of expectation on the Malaysian side.
Prediction: 1-1. JDT might be the overwhelming favourites for this tie, but Fandi can inspire them to sneak away with a point.

Senior Editor
The toughies just keep coming for the LionsXII, don't they? After Pahang and Selangor in their first two MSL matches, they now have to travel to noveau-riche JDT. That last-gasp win over the Red Giants on Saturday was thrilling to watch, but away from home, league games are a different encounter altogether. Remember Pahang? JDT will also be raring to bounce back from their shock 1-0 loss at T-Team over the weekend and back in Larkin, they will have the fervent home crowd roaring them on. In fact, I can see Cesar Jimenez's side staying unbeaten at home this season. Fandi will hope for his boys to push beyond their limits but this may be one step too far for them this early in the campaign. The lack of a clinical finisher could haunt them, but that is assuming they can even create a plethora of chances. Aimar and company to take this.
Prediction: 2-0. The LionsXII will feel the might of the Southern Tigers.

Chief Editor
It's not panning out the way it was hoped for Johor. The hugely ambitious club have poured money in and seen just one win so far. For the LionsXII, Saturday was another prime example of passing on good chances early in the game and leaving it literally to the last minute to scramble for a winner. But this time I don't think the LionsXII will come close to a win. For a young squad to face-off in front a passionate home support, this could end up badly unless Fandi opts for a more conservative approach. Given everything said about Fandi's style of tactical approach that seems unlikely. What the LionsXII can hope for will be a home side still trying to gel and a trademark strike from a set-piece to possibly steal a draw. Even the latter seems a stretch now given the presence of Baihakki Khaizan who would be fully aware of his former club's tactics.
Prediction: 3-0. Johor's star signings to shine and Hariss and Baihakki to haunt their former team-mates.