Man of the Match: ATM 1-2 Kelantan

In the first leg of the 2013 Malaysia Cup semifinal, ATM's Nor Fazly put on a mighty performance to nullify the impact of Kelantan's Dickson Nwakaeme.

Nor Fazly
ATM 1-2 Kelantan
Minutes played 72
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From a physical standpoint, Dickson Nwakaeme is an amazing specimen of a footballer. He wouldn't look out of place in the world of entertainment wrestling, from the perspective of body size. On the football pitch, he uses that physical presence to great effect and matches it with his prowess on the ball. Many have tried and failed to mark Nwakaeme out of the game but that was exactly what Nor Fazly Alias managed to do last night.
Playing in place of the suspended Amiridzwan Taj, Nor Fazly produced a performance full of vigour and composure. He was tasked with a man-marking job on Nwakaeme and didn't come out second best in that tussle. He may not have won every single header against the burly Kelantan striker but managed to put Nwakaeme off with his tight marking.
Nor Fazly earned his spurs by being alert to the movement of Nwakaeme. Reading the game well, Nor Fazly was quick to intercept any pass to Nwakaeme and even when he doesn't get to the ball first, he was always there when Nwakaeme turns with the ball. The fact that there were few free-kicks conceded by Nor Fazly, was indication enough of how well he did last night.
It was a shame that he got injured late in the match and it was his absence which allowed Kelantan the chance to find the winning goal. The ATM defence lost someone who was able to cope with the power of Nwakaeme. While Taj is the undisputed first choice at centre-back for ATM, Nor Fazly's service might well be called upon again in the second leg, after this strong performance.