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Brazil superstar Neymar putting on the new Nike Nypervenom boots

Introducing the new Nike football boots: the Hypervenom

Brazil superstar Neymar putting on the new Nike Nypervenom boots


Promising greater mobility, touch and control, the Hypervenom is set to be a game-changer for the game of football

One glance and you might mistake that bright orange pile within the shoe-rack to be an exotic snake of some sorts.

But it is, in fact, the new Nike football boots, which is aptly named Hypervenom and designed to reflect the snake-like capability it affords the wearer.

The team at Nike aims to provide flexibility and mobility akin to that of a snake, which allows players to make sudden turns and changes in their running direction.

This is something that the Hypervenom can boast of by using an unique stud design that allows football players to twist and turn their way out of trouble with ease.

The skin-like material also helps players to react like a snake, as its softness and sensitivity makes it part of the foot immediately, making it possible for players to caress the ball with delicacy and control.

The Hypervenom was designed according to the feedback of professional footballers, who wanted boots that could enhance agility and touch, and they have been endorsed by football superstar Neymar.

Available in most leading retail shops in Southeast Asia, the Hypervenom promises to be a revolutionary tool in the game of football.