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On the first day of Tiger Street Football China, the Cage Girls bring sporty charm from Sydney to Guangzhou

It doesn’t take one day for well-trained Corinne and Carly to charm the audience in Guangzhou with their fervent style of dance moves, whatever the sport is.

Both from Sydney and cheerleaders in the NRL Australia, Corinne and Carly were selected by Tiger Street Football to be the Cage Girls for the Chinese leg.

“We’re pretty similar,” said Corinne, referring to the fact that she and Carly are both from the same city and were trained to be energetic cheerleaders.

During the Match Day, they were constantly seen walking side-by-side around the venue and talking enthusiastically, like high-school ‘besties’.

Yet this is not the sport they usually dance for. While they’re here dancing for the street football - or soccer as they usually call it - they were thinking about the NRL semifinal between Cronulla Sharks and Manly Sea Eagles on the evening of September 20.

“We’re going to log on social media to see if people are getting excited,” said Corinne, a cheerleader for the Sharks.

“But I like soccer, too,” she added.

And when it comes to dancing for a sports event, “as long as your dance is entertaining to the crowd, I think it’s pretty similar for all the sports,” said Carly who had been in the Sydney leg of TSF.

She started dancing at the age of four and became a professional at 18.

“Pretty intense, pretty full-on dancing, Monday to Friday, eight hours a day,” Carly said about the time she spent on her Certificate IV in Performing Arts.

“But I think it’s good as it changes you into a very good dancer.”

The audience in Guangzhou got to see exactly how that paid off.