Tiger Street Football Cage Girls cheers Mongolia

During the first day of Tiger Street Football Mongolia, the show-stealing Cage Girls seem to be adapting very well

Just as the Tiger Street Football tournament is a brand new experience for the city of Ulaanbaatar, it is a first for Nadia and Marika, and for them, it is thoroughly exciting.

Nadia and Marika were voted on TigerStreetFootball.com by Tiger Beer fans to become the TSF Mongolia's Cage Girls.

“I love working with Tiger Beer, it’s really exciting visiting different countries,” said Nadia, who is originally from Russia.

Both mastering a diverse range of musical and artistic skills; Nadia does belly-dancing and can sing R’n’B and Modern Jazz while Marika’s repertoire can range from piano to karate. They both believe that Cage Girls are more than about being a cheerleader.

“[Being a] dancer is necessary because you have to give energy to the crowd and make them cheer,” said Nadia, who has been on the Cambodian and Malaysian legs of the tournament.

Marika put that in a more subtle way. She said: “You have to have something inside you, like 'art' personality and a beautiful face, maybe,” she added modestly.

And sure she has both. Marika enjoys dancing as rather than just a mission for a specific occasion. You can see her constantly grooving in her booth to the different tunes Kate Upton style.

But again, this is still about street football.

“I didn’t know what it is before working with Tiger Beer, but now I’m a fan,” said Nadia, whose favorite sport is horse-riding.

For Marika, the best sport is tennis. “I never play it, just like it,” she said.

“Cage Girls need to cheer,” Nadia added.