Who will miss you now Kaka?

Goal's Mi Hyun recounts the Brazilian star's sorry tale at Real that came to an end with his unsurprising return to former club AC Milan
By Chung Mi Hyun

After his amazing journey in Madrid, Ricardo Kaka has finally returned to Milano. Recollecting his four years, this indescribable player should definitely be called a legend in football history. There has been no one like him; he is simply impeccable.

Every football legend undoubtedly has an outstanding talent, which Kaka had. Having played 7,149 minutes in 119 matches for Real Madrid, while Cristiano Ronaldo completed 17,468 minutes in 199 games during the same four-year period,Kaka earned 177,500 weekly, which is just 100,000 less than Ronaldo.

For every minute the Brazilian played, he was paid more than double of what Ronaldo earned. If Kaka had not been good, Real Madrid would have never paid about 5160 for every minute he played, unless they were insane or needed a very good heater that could warm the bench. Numbers do not lie, and these numbers, absolutely convey what a great player he was.

In addition to his great performances, his attitude towards fans has to be looked up to by all players in the world. Normally, cold-hearted European players never really care about their followers, especially when their team is having a Champions League match and they are at the risk of being knocked out. Kaka, however, was too nice to ignore his fans.

During the match against Lyon in 2010, when Madrid was about to fail to proceed to the quarterfinals again, Kaka who was not able to play because of his injury, celebrated the fact that his number of Twitter followers had reached 3 million. His remarkable consideration for his fans is a superb example of what other players should have towards their supporters.

Caring for his fans aside, Kaka's loyalty is still notable. His loyalty to his country is too great not to mention. During the World Cup, he hid his injury and enforced participation to bring victory to his nation. This ended up with him suffering an even more serious injury which made him give up almost a whole season in Real Madrid while still getting paid 177,500 every week. But his spirit of self-sacrifice is clearly impossible to describe.

This does not mean Kaka has not been loyal to his club. He has always been truthful to his team. How much he earned for his club should be noted first of all. Signing for Real Madrid, Kaka gave AC Milan 65 million, a transfer fee which was the second most highest in the world at that time. After four years of no contribution to Real Madrid, he has now gone back to Milan. For free. Moreover, he finally cut his salary for Milan, which he had never done in Madrid even when what he did was just warming the bench or spending time in rehabilitation facilities.

Kaka’s love towards his one true club, Milan, is so great that it even seemed as if his spirit had been in Milano forever while his body in Madrid, and can be compared to Pele who did not leave Santos to go to big clubs in Europe.

This prince of Rossoneri is again, simply perfect. All of his talents, affection towards his fans, and loyalty to his club as well as country show what a legend he is. Some might say how Shevchenko or Torres can come close to him, but they will never be the same.

Simply, there is no one like him.