Top 20 South East Asian Players: The Top 10

We've narrowed the list down to the top 10 as we carry on our search for the top footballer from the region
Our Top 20 list of South East Asian players released in conjunction with the annual Goal 50 drew a massive response from across the region with over 1 million votes cast in total.

The competition and rivalry between the nations and groups of fans was evident as readers flocked to show support for their idols. Le Cong Vinh who is Japan bound posted the poll on his official Facebook page and asked his fans to show their support, resulting in a massive influx of votes from Vietnam.

Other South East Asian stars from lower ranked teams, such as Laos' Visay Phaphouvanin and Cambodia's Khim Borey, also drew huge support from their fans.

To determine who the top South East Asian player is, we have decided to send this poll into 'extra-time' and narrow the list to the top 10 and urge our readers to cast their votes wisely as we crown the top South East Asian player.

Voting ends Sunday midnight! (August 12 0000hrs)

Top 20 South East Asian Players
Singapore Chief Editor's Top 20 South East Asian Players