The Sidelines: Jorine Sim, Warriors FC

The Marketing and Corporate Affairs manager who has been the public face for the most successful club in Singapore sat down for a chat with Goal's Afifah Ariffin
Jorine Sim is a true warrior indeed. Having been with the club for 13 consecutive seasons, she has surely solidified her place as an important figure at S.League club Warriors FC.

In an exclusive interview with Goal, Jorine sat down immaculately dressed in a chic light blue dress, and one would never have guessed that this petite lady would be the main driving force behind the scenes.

Her devotion to Warriors FC is unrivalled, having begun her journey with the club in 2000, when it was still known as Singapore Armed Forces FC.

Her passion for the sport stemmed from, like many others, her encounter with the Malaysian Cup in the early 1990s. The hype of the tournament back in those days was also what intrigued her enough to start working with a football club.

“It started a long way back,” recalled Jorine. “I wanted to do marketing and was looking for something different and unique that suited me.”

“When my first boss interviewed me, I was pretty keen. I used to watch the Malaysia Cup, and I thought it sounded fun.”

After working with the club, Jorine began to really enjoy her duties and the challenges that came with job. But her love for the sport and club was what kept her at Choa Chu Kang Stadium.

Today, Jorine is the manager for Marketing and Corporate Affairs for Warriors FC. As the sole member of her department, Jorine impressively runs everything from publicity to marketing, and handles all aspects of player relations with the media and fans. She also runs the Warrior’s clubhouse activities and oversees all their community outreach events.

“When I first joined, I grew very attached to the team," she added.

"The team is very small and we work together like a family."

It’s never a normal day for Jorine. Her job keeps her at the desk during office hours, but her day can extend till much later if there is a match or any events.

While her responsibilities do sound daunting, Jorine believes that the homely environment at the club is what instilled a strong desire to remain for over a decade.

“It doesn’t feel like you’re working, especially because people are friendly," she explained of her affinity for the club.

“Warriors FC are really like a big family, everyone from the players to my colleagues, groundsmen and the fans!”

When Jorine does get a break though, she spends most of her free time indulging in her hobbies and interests, primarily shopping. Otherwise she can be seen hitting the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Working with Warriors FC also allowed Jorine to travel the world. As the media officer, Jorine often accompanies the team for matches abroad.

“I’ve been to lots of places with the Warriors such as Korea, Japan and China for training stints and AFC Champions League matches, I’m very fortunate,” she beamed.

“When you travel overseas especially for the Champions League matches, you learn a lot. It’s a great eye-opener especially for an administrator in the S.League.

Despite travelling as the only female staff she has not found it a daunting task, as she laughingly added: “The guys do look out for me!”

For Jorine, every season holds a special place in her heart. Her fondest memories are always when the team emerge as victors.

“When the team wins the league at the end of the season, that’s always the best,” she said proudly.  

Despite being with the club for over a decade, Jorine doesn’t see herself leaving Warriors any time soon. Instead, the ambitious manager has bigger plans to improve the club’s image.

Jorine has recently graduated from First Impressions UK, a personal image consulting and training program. Equipped with her new set of skills to the club, she intends to inculcate in the players the importance of presenting their best selves to the public and how they can further engage with their fans.